Mesh to .EYE


Mesh to .EYE is a web framework for zipping big MESH files and extract reverse engineering informations using very simple steps.

Getting started


.EYE format lets you to convert mesh files (.DAE .STL .OBJ .IGES) from all standard CAD with mesh export utility. We offer with a

consistent file size reduction (over 70%) the new innovative .EYE format that can let you

rapidly build powerful, secure and low cost big data files collection with the same informations of the most popular CAD formats.

Reverse engineering information


Using a familiar drag-and-drop, event-driven model you can convert triangular mesh in CAD standard surfaces and/or solid models and structured assemblies.

On Shape

Coming soon


We are working on a new solution based on dictionary formats (.ZYP .DYT) with extendend compress capability (over 99%) and the most high level of safety using an innovative type of encrypt method.

We can also easily introduce new algorithms and offers the right mix of features and price for all CAD applications.

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